Rapid Gro Hydroseeding is DBE and WBE certified; our applicators have over 25 years of industry experience ensuring you will find us to be your perfect partner on any commercial project no matter the size or scope.

If your general contracting company is registered with CORA Inc of Washington as an interested on any of the projects bidding within the next week and we determine the project contains hydroseeding  and/or erosion control,  you may automatically receive a quote from us as a sub-bid.

If you possess project specific information that will enable us to provide the most accurate bid possible (i.e.: quantity, seed mix, etc.) we encourage you to share it with us.
Our team consists of applicators who have a total of more than 25 years of experience in our industry to ensure you with the best hydroseeding experience available.

If you are interested in obtaining a bid for a project, please let us know.


Briar Group Inc
PO Box 1475
Milton, WA 98354
Commercial Projects
The process of commercial bidding is our specialty.
Briar Group Inc is DBE and WBE Certified.
We welcome your bid requests and you can feel confident the quote your’re
provided from Briar Group Inc. will be competitively priced, project specific
and accurate.
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Thank you!