For: Pastures~Lawns~Hillsides~Meadow Gardens~Erosion Control



Briar Group introduces our newest product line, English Estate Turf. Enjoy the beauty and the ease of maintenance of grasses, clover and flowers that grow in the English country side.

All species are low growing and create a soft, cushy mat of green grasses, strawberry clover, English Daisy, Johnny Jump Up Pansy, Purple Rockcress and Baby Blue Eyes with White Sweet Allyssum.

Forget about the weekly mowing and edging of your formal turf lawn and enjoy the feeling of an English Country Estate. It needs less frequent watering too. If country living is your style, we highly recommend our new English Estate Turf.
Forget about the weekly mowing and edging and enjoy the feeling of an English country estate.



PASTURE MIXESRuminant Pasture Mix is blended for animals such as cattle, sheep and

Equine Pasture Mix is for members of the horse family.

Our pasture mixes are certified to be endophyte-free. 

  MEADOW LAWN MIXAlpine meadow look~ Briar Group’s Meadow Lawn combines our
Deluxe Wildflowers with low growing grasses.

The visual appearance reminds you of an alpine meadow.
Erosion control/slope stabilization~With erosion control protection of low
growing grasses, this product can be used for slope stabilization when
slopes are 2:1 or less.

DELUXE WILDFLOWERS MIX A field of bright and beautiful wildflowers is a whimsical choice for erosion
control in meadows and roadsides.

Our Deluxe Wildflowers flirting with the wind on a warm summer day are
truly irresistible.

Briar Group’s blend of flowers provides an excellent display of colors with a
blooming season that runs from May to October.

PERSONAL PUTTING GREENSYes, your dream can come true.Enjoy your own personal putting green in your backyard. Your daily practice
will pay off in your scores on the course.

We will professionally install your putting green and advise you of all
maintenance requirements.