Why do we need mycorrhiza in our soil?

The association of plant roots and mycorrhiza goes back millions of years. Over 90% of native plants in an undisturbed environment have roots associated with mycorrhiza.However, in our urban environment that percentage drops to about 20%.

Most urban soils lack mycorrhyza due to long-term use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Repeated soil disturbance and paving over the soil also contribute to the decline of naturally-occuring microrrhiza.

We have mycorrhyza incorporated into 3 of our products: DEEEP Roots, Stay Moist and PermaGro
DEEEP Roots 

DEEEP Roots additive is a mycorrhizal rooting stimulant which can easily be mixed into any of our products.

Rapid Gro ER turf type tall fescue grass has a mycorrhizal rooting stimulant bred into the seed.
It speeds up grow-in and root establishment while increasing the grass density. The mycorrhizae improve the absorption of nutrients from the fertilizer as well as providing resistance against stress.

Recent tests indicate that the root mass is doubled in density and weight mass with the use of DEEEP Roots as compared to the control group without the additive.

A deeper, stronger, denser root ball is easily achieved by spending a few pennies more to add DEEEP Roots to your initial hydroseeding application.
This turf type tall fescue grass is extremely drought resistant because a mycorrhizal rooting stimulant has been bred into the actual seed.

Roots reach a depth of 3 to 4 feet, drawing moisture from the deep soil long after more shallow rooted species have gone dormant.

New tall fescue varieties have reduced growing height, finer leaves, darker color, and improved disease tolerance. These qualities, combined with wear and shade tolerance, low fertilization and maintenance requirements make for a highly desirable turf.

Cleaner air, less global warming, and a beautiful green lawn all contribute to Rapid Gro ER’s success.

Stay Moist
The most important part of summer hydroseeding season is watering.

Stay Moist is a moisture retentive which is added to the hydroseed mix upon installation.

Adding Stay Moist to your initial application will cut your watering requirements by 50% with the same germination and establishment results.

Spend a little money upfront for Stay Moist and save much more later.The results are MAGIC.


Introducing PermaGro, our NEW Biotic Soil Amendment

Improve your soil with an exciting new product called PermaGro, consisting of organic material, microbes, mycorrhizae and plant growth aids. This rich dark colored material has an earthy smell that greatly enhances the growth factors in either your native soil or imported soil.  PermaGro is an ideal solution for areas where topsoil has been depleted or removed.  PermaGro is a sustainable growing medium that has been designed to greatly reduce the costs and impact associated with importing soil or adding compost to your native soil. PermaGro is designed as a perennial system that mimics the relationships found in natural ecologies.  It is a concept that truly focuses on sustainability.

Now PermaGro can be added to your hydroseeding application to greatly enhance the growing medium on site.  Just ask us about PermaGro.  It is easy, cost effective and extremely environmental advantageous.

Rapid Gro and PermaGro when coupled together spell GREEN.

Products which need less water and mowing
Forget about the weekly mowing and edging and enjoy the feeling of an
English country estate with English Estate Turf.
It needs less frequent watering too.

The carefree maintenance is a big plus and the appearance is relaxing and peaceful.
Wildflowers need less water than cultivars.

Briar Group’s Meadow Lawn Mix blend of flowers provides an excellent display of colors, with a blooming season that runs from May to October.


Think Green – order Stay Moist
Water before dawn
Green lawns cool and purify the air
Adjust sprinklers, don’t water the driveway
Deep roots save water – aerify this fall
Set mowing height up; leave longer grass blades