Winter Tips
 The ground is frozen and the temperatures are very cold.  During these cold and frigid temperatures grasses are not growing.
Briar Group Inc. hydroseeds during moderate winter temperatures. As soon as our temperatures return to normal again, our grasses will grow very slowly.
Our Rapid Gro with our Out of Season Warranty is an excellent choice for turf establishment during the winter months. We return in April to overspray your entire project. This program guarantees you a beautiful lawn.
During the winter months mow your lawn if possible at least once a month and keep the evergreen needles removed. Don’t forget to leave some goodies out for our squirrels and bird population.
Briar Group Inc. can also provide erosion control protection during the winter months. Flex Terra, MBFM, is an excellent choice for steep slope stabilization and can even be sprayed during a light rain storm.
We are here to help regardless of the time of year so feel free to call.

Spring April showers bring May flowers… as well as beautiful green lawns from Briar Group, Inc.!
Start your maintenance program now with an aggressive fertilization of your lawn areas. Liming your soil is an excellent method to control future moss problems. If you need some seed for filling in a few areas, give us a call. We can UPS or mail Rapid Gro Lawn Seed directly to your home.
You may have been left with the remnants of winter such as a thinning, mossy lawn. The solution is Rapid Gro Overspray coupled with thatching and aeration, which will give you a clean start for the spring and summer season. Give us a call for pricing on this service.
Rapid Gro Lawn© jumps out of the ground and is ready for the first mowing between the second and third week during summer months. Our temperatures in the beautiful Northwest never get too hot for our process. Remember that watering is the key to success with a new lawn.
If you have not applied your summer fertilizer, do it now. Fertility, watering, and mowing are critical for the success of your new lawn. The benefits of regular maintenance are visible in your lush, emerald green lawn.
Don’t be afraid to mow. New lawns love mowing. Set your mower height higher for summer time. The shade of the blade will conserve water. Mow with your golf shoes. The spikes will provide aeration to your roots system.
Don’t forget to order Stay Moist. Summer is the time to take advantage of this product. It cuts your watering requirements in half or doubles the benefit of each watering.
Please check out our photos of Meadow Lawn and Deluxe Wildflowers. The Meadow Lawn is courtesy of our customer Pete Wallingford in the Normandy Park area. Pete’s place is looking good. The Deluxe Wildflower photo was shot in mid June from our bed in the front of our office. They change weekly. Such fun! If you have a spot for Wildflowers at your home, give us a call.
We would love to display your photos of your Rapid Gro Lawn. Please Email us your digital photos. Enjoy the summer and remember, “Green is Good.”
Fall Tips
Lawn season is drawing to a close. Residential lawn applications need to be completed by September 30 to insure a full ‘no pay guarantee.’ If you’re one of the many that waited just a little too long, call me and we’ll see what we can do.  Briar Group installs our Rapid Gro lawn product year round with an ‘out of season’ warranty. This means you pay a bit more but receive an automatic revisit in the Spring to respray any and all areas impacted by poor weather conditions.

Don’t forget to apply a fall fertilizer to your lawn. This is one of the most important fertilizations of the year.  It’s also a great time to apply soil sweeteners. We recommend approximately 100 pounds per 1000 square feet of lawn.  And don’t quit mowing simply because cool temperatures have slowed down lawn growth. Mowing once a month keeps your landscape looking neat and removes leaves, evergreen needles, and other debris from your grass. 
Last but not least, fall season means EROSION CONTROL
Briar Group’s equipment and experienced personnel insure that, large or small, your project will be completed within the necessary perimeters. Remember, we specialize in severe slope stabilization.  Soil Guard, bonded fiber matrix, is an excellent stand-alone product that can protect a site from erosion for as long as two years.
Fall is a critical time of year in our industry and Briar Group, Inc. is dedicated to handling your needs in a timely manner with site specific products that are cost effective.
Use less water this year !!!Water conservation begins with soil preparation. When grass roots can extend into the soil for at least four inches and hopefully more, the roots system remains moist during warm summer days with less water. Providing an adequate growing medium is giving you a major head start with water conservation. Your growing medium can be established by importing “topsoil” or rototilling compost into your native base and preparing it as your seeding bed.Our Earth Friendly products provide increased tolerance to stress and drought for your lawn, and increase root mass nutrient uptake and disease resistance. Both Extended Roots fescue lawn and DEEEP Rootsadditive are healthy for the environment and for your family.We strongly recommend Stay Moist. This additive holds 250 times its weight in water. Simply adding this to your Rapid Gro application will cut your watering requirements by 50%. Stay Moistbiodegrades in two months which translates to a growing partner during germination and establishment.Our English Estate Turf is another great choice for this spring season. It will require less water and is actually maintenance free. I just heard from a customer yesterday regarding our English Estate Turf that was installed last Fall. He loves it.For established lawns, we strongly recommend that you water your lawn just before dawn. This time greatly reduces evaporation but does not lead to fungus and molds that occur from evening watering. Also consider mowing your lawn at a higher height. This will allow the grass blade to provide its own shade and reduce evaporation.